Helping you to manage copyright issues and digital licensing, whilst staying copyright compliant. For publishers, professional associations, academic institutions, companies, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and charities…

Effective and practical copyright guidance and licensing, focussed on:

Digital Licensing Agency

Guiding publishers through rapid and complex digital change

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Copyright AuditsKnow what you own

Avoiding copyright risk is no longer only of interest to publishers. If you use articles, reports, website content, images or video, or if you’re redistributing content created by others, you’re likely to be faced with copyright concerns.

But in the digital world it can be difficult to know whether you’re compliant. What exactly is permitted, and are you pushing the boundaries too far? READ MORE

Digital Rights StrategyDigital business models are changing fast

We help publishers to understand the options for ebooks and digital content – and to avoid contract pitfalls.

Our training courses and consultancy can help you to make sure you hold the digital rights you need, and to look beyond the ‘big name’ online retailers to other rewarding digital markets.  READ MORE

Contracts and Permissions ServiceEffective, practical licences

These days many publishers and content-owners just don’t have enough hours in the day to manage all the vital paperwork that goes along with rights, permissions and licensing. Yet without it, you might fall into contract pitfalls or even breach copyright, as well as missing out on a real boost to your licensing income.

Our prompt and efficient freelance team can update your standard agreements for the digital world, and clear permissions for content you’d like to use in print, online, or as part of a restricted-access site such on an intranet or online course. READ MORE