We’re delighted to be able to continue the work of the Attwooll Associates Digital Licensing Agency, which transferred across to become part of Clare Painter Associates from 1st April 2017.

The licensing agency specializes in digital rights in professional, academic, specialist, educational and non-fiction material – including text, illustrations, maps, case studies etc. It acts much like an out-of house digital rights and ebook sales department for publishers:

  • advising the publisher on digital partnerships and sales models;
  • marketing the publisher’s list to appropriate digital markets;
  • negotiating contractual terms.

It helps publishers to avoid pitfalls in their digital licensing, so they can make informed choices about digital partnerships and ever-evolving sales models.

Contracts are at the heart of the agency role: each digital vendor has their own (different) standard contract, so the agency negotiates and advises in detail:

  • negotiating keen commercial terms;
  • carefully assessing business models;
  • negotiating restrictive terms and adding protective wording.

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