“Clare Painter is a brilliant rights and licensing professional, with a rare talent for combining strategic vision, market savvy, and a forensic eye for contractual detail. She has a particular expertise in digital rights, but can cover a range of more ‘conventional’ print rights and consultancy, as well as training seminars, etc. Clare and I have worked together for over 17 years, both at Helicon and now at Attwooll Associates’ digital licensing agency, where she plays an indispensable role.”

David Attwooll, Attwooll Associates

“As part of an extensive digital rights audit, Clare set out practical steps which we can use to accelerate our digital rights clearance with authors and other contributors. She identified some of the most favourable ways for us to distribute our ebooks and digital publications, and explained how commercial business models currently function. She provided some concrete suggestions about the balance between our purpose as an IGO, and producing commercial digital publications.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Ian Denison, UNESCO Publishing

“We have had a long-term working relationship with Clare Painter who fulfils the role of permissions consultant for OUP. Clare provides a reliable and professional service which is extremely important as OUP puts a strong emphasis on ‘customer services’ with our academic editors and scholarly partners. Communications need to be fast and informative and Clare ensures that advice on the complex world of third-party permissions is delivered clearly and effectively thus making the publishing process more efficient and helps foster good relations with our editors and authors. Clare manages a wide portfolio of contacts across a range of subjects and oversees the process of supplying appropriate documentation and tracking materials to keep the service running smoothly. This is an essential and appreciated service for OUP and our external contacts”.

Clare Morton, Senior Publisher, Humanities Journals, Oxford University Press


About working with Clare

“Claire put together two licensing agreements for me so that I could distribute my intellectual property to other coaches wanting to use my tools and materials.

… Claire delivered a great contract for me, which I’m now using as the basis of relationships with other coaches, ultimately generating more revenues with her help in way that means I don’t have to worry about the legalities.

Thanks Claire – I would definitely recommend your services.”

Nicola Bird, JigsawBox Ltd


“At a time when digital rights are fast changing and the issues difficult to anticipate Clare provided valuable insight into a complex contract we had with an electronic publishing partner and enabled us to understand aspects of what we were agreeing to and negotiate terms to suit our requirements. .”

 Rachel Reeder, Boydell & Brewer


About the teleseminar ‘Valuing your Copyright Material’

(http://www.valuingcopyright.com for the recording and transcript)
“I listened to Clare’s call when she did it live, loads of good stuff in here, well worth a download.

I know from experience that copyright can be complex and like many things, it’s much easier and safer to get it sorted out before rather than after issues arise.”

Pete Bennett, CEO, London Translations Limited